Terms and Conditions for the use of Unstoppable Generation Srl web platform


1.Subject of the Agreement

These General Terms and Conditions relate to the sale of the access to Unstoppable Generation Srl, hereinafter referred to as UG, web training platform, and specifically to on-line services for UG business strategies and methods.

This web platform also offers support for personal growth. It comprises two service levels, a basic membership, such as the “START-UP”, and an advanced membership, such as “PRO” area. In order to access to the PRO membership, users must have purchased the Start-Up basic membership.

The web platform will be accessible by signing up on www.training.unstoppablegeneratio.com. This website is managed by UG.

Users who purchased a membership on UG website, will have the right to access to a series of video training, accessible either through a personal computer or a mobile device for a variable period of time, depending on the purchased membership. These Terms and Conditions govern the on-line sale (LD. No. 206/2005 – Consumer Code and Legislative Decree no. 70/2003-Law on Electronic Commerce) for the purchase of services provided by Unstoppable Generation Srl with its registered office in Rome – Via dell’Ospedaletto Giustiniani, 14 00189, VAT no. 14067251000, e-mail: trainingug@unstoppablegeneration.com.

The contract between UG and the User will be completed upon receipt by UG of the payment for the services offered.

Before on-line purchase of the membership, the users will have read and agreed with all the information contained on the website. Also, such information will prove evidence for product main features, UG identity, price and payment methods.

Users must carefully read all the clauses contained in the General Conditions.


2.Website sign up procedure

Users are required to sign up on the website in order to have access to the video training.

The sign up procedure is free of charge. Users are required to fill in the relevant form in order to sign up and create an account on the website. This form will be filled in with personal information, as well as en e-mail address and a password. Users will then click on the button at the bottom of such form. The sign up procedure will be confirmed by e-mail to the user, that will click on the appropriate link contained in the e-mail sent to the user, in order to complete the sign up process. Users are forbidden to enter third parties data, invented or false data, or fictitious data, with the purpose to sign up to the website.

Users are solely responsible for their account and as such they are responsible to notify immediately to UG any unauthorized use of their account or password, and any other breach of security they should become aware of.
UG may not, in any way, be held responsible for any damages arising from failure to comply with such requirements.

Each user is allowed to have a single account to sign up to the website. Therefore, users are strictly forbidden to create multiple accounts on the website referred to the same person, individual and /or legal entity, and / or companies and / or institutions of any kind, also through the use of truthful information. In the event that users fail to respect this prohibition, UG reserves the right to close all the accounts referred to the same person, individual and /or legal entity, and / or companies and / or institutions. Users also agree to hold UG harmless against any damages, claims for damages and / or penalties arising from and / or in any way connected to the breach referred to in this Article.

Users understand that in order to regulate access to the video training, their authentication is needed only to verify their account and password. Users are therefore responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of their account and password, as well as for any damages to UG or third parties arising from improper use, loss, or failure to keep account and/or password confidential.


3.Purchase methods

In order to purchase their membership, users will have to access the website property of UG at:

https: //  www.training.unstoppablegeneration.com

Users can choose between two types of membership:

  • Basic membership referred to as “START-UP”, which is a lifetime membership
  • Advanced membership, referred to as “PRO”, which has a monthly fee

By accepting the access conditions referred to herein, users will follow a few steps in which are required to fill in personal information and proceed to the payment through the available methods according to the membership of choice, which users want to access.

Users, once accepted the purchase of their membership, also agree that UG is entitled to use their chosen payment method to charge any subscription purchased and any additional/monthly charges (including any taxes and late payment fees as applicable) that may be accrued by or in connection with their account.  Users are responsible for the timely payment of all fees.

The total price includes the price for the membership and, in addition, any applicable VAT (in effect on the day of the transaction, when due, as previously specified by UG).

Users, after verification of the purchase (membership, payment methods, etc.), must acknowledge they have read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions subject to L.4 / 2013 on Freelance Work (Where and if necessary); and then confirm the purchase.

Purchase confirmation implies the full knowledge of General Terms and Conditions, their full acceptance, as “seen, read and signed.”

Users agree to print and store these General Terms and Conditions once the purchase is completed.


4.Payment method

Accepted methods of payment are as follows:

  1. Visa or Mastercard credit cards: purchasing goods choosing credit card payment method, cards will be charged upon payment, at the completion of the purchase procedure, through the services offered on the website. Credit cards must have a valid 3D secure code available.

Once the payment has been processed, UG will provide the service and users will automatically receive a confirmation and activation e-mail that will give users access the video training.

Membership purchase will entitle users to access the video training for a variable period of time depending on the type of membership purchased starting from the effective authorization sent to the user by UG

Users acknowledge that UG is not responsible for any temporary connection issues caused by the type of device used by the User or related to the website server.


5.Hardware and software requirements for on-line use

To access the video training, users are required to have necessary hardware and software requirements  (Personal computer, mobile phone, browser, connection, .pdf reader software, audio and video software etc.)  .

The web platform has been designed so as to provide maximum compatibility with most of the devices commonly available. Tests were carried out on all popular web platforms  (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)  and on the most common browsers  (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari)  .

Hardware and software requirements are minimal and are generally satisfied by a standard device designed for home use.

Customers also undertake to adapt and update their hardware and / or software as necessary as a result of subsequent updates on the web platform.


6.Right of withdrawal

Users knowingly and expressly agree to lose any right to withdraw from this on-line contract, notwithstanding exceptions to the right of withdrawal referred to in clause no. 59, paragraph 1 letter a) and o) of Legislative Decree 206 of 6 September 2005  (Consumer Code)  .

Therefore, users, by purchasing on-line membership, give their consent to the provision of digital content by means of a non-material support, with expressed agreement and acceptance that such situation does not result in any right of withdrawal.

Furthermore, users agree to waive any rights of withdrawal from this service, as it is made fully accessible and usable by the electronic transmission of authentication credentials (Username and password).



UG has the right to change this agreement and its terms of use, at any time, with the purpose of improving the service. Such changes will be notified to the users via e-mail or through notifications posted on the website.

In the event that users refuse to accept such variations, UG will have the right to withdraw from the Contract, with no obligations to and from the user, except for any outstanding payment due by the user.


8.Characteristics and use of the services contained herein

UG grants its users non-exclusive right to view, and use digital content available on its website (such as videos, clips, webinars, training materials) for personal use (excluding any commercial and / or trade use), only under the conditions and with the limitations set forth in these terms and conditions, as follows.

Users may not reproduce, copy, sell or otherwise distribute, rent or lease, transmit, grant a sub-license or otherwise transfer any rights relating to the Digital Content included with  video training and / or any part thereof, and may not remove or modify any information thereof, including information relating to the ownership of such content. Users may also not modify, defeat or circumvent security devices that protect the Digital Content included with video training and may not use such content except in accordance with local regulations, these terms and conditions, which are entirely referred to herein, UG reserved rights and / or video training authors rights, and / or any other third party authorized signatories and any special conditions of use indicated by therein.

Users are entitled to use UG video training for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed. Upon completion of the transaction, users have access for a variable period of time, based on the membership they have purchase, and with the purpose to use the web platform freely, and without limitations of number acccesses.

Users acknowledge that UG website, and relevant contents and services therein, are protected by laws on intellectual and trade property.

Therefore, users may not copy any video training, and may not use it for purposes other than those set forth herein.


9.Data protection and confidentiality

Users guarantee they are legitimately proprietors of all the information entered to access the services available on www.training.unstoppablegeneration.com website, for the purchase and utilization of the video training. Furthermore, users also guarantee that such data do not violate in any way, whether directly or indirectly, any third party rights. Therefore, users agree not to enter any data that they are not entitled to use.

Users are also forbidden to enter false and / or fictitious data during the sign up procedure and in any further communication relating to the execution of the contract.

For this purpose, users indemnify UG from any liability arising from incorrect financial data and documents issued based on the data provided  (Being the user solely responsible for correctly entering the data)  and from all obligations and / or charges of investigation, whether direct or indirect, deriving from this.

In the event that it is proved that data entered are false, UG reserves the right to terminate / suspend user’s registration.



In accordance with the GDPR, UG is committed to treating all personal data collected in relation to the contract in compliance with the regulations on confidentiality. With this purpose, UG offers LINK PRIVACY POLICY LINK  specific policy  , in order to give the consent.

Customers may exercise their rights, according to the effective Privacy Policy, by sending an e-mail to trainingug@unstoppablegeneration.com


11.Disputes and jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions, and the relationship between users and UG, and are governed by Italian laws. Any dispute arising from or related to these General Terms and Conditions, shall be brought before the Court of Rome.